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The Land of Wicklow, co. Wicklow, IR, June 2015.

The Land of Wicklow

Many have told me that this photo looks like the land of Oz, though I happen to know I was in County Wicklow, in the Wicklow Mountains. My biggest concern, besides being out of breath, was that there was smoke rising from the central point of the photo. If you know this was my focal […]

Working Hands, Winnipeg, MB, March, 2013

Working Hands

My cousin Dominic’s hands after rehearsing on the Djembe for a couple of hours. ┬áThis was a photo shoot of their band called Split Crooked. While they are no longer playing together, they had many original singles that were very well received locally, it’s not every band that has a Djembe. Winnipeg, MB, March 2013.

Cocoa Beach Pier, Cocoa Beach, FL, January 2014.

Cocoa Beach Pier

A clear shot, the mist had passed, and life is in full swing at Cocoa Beach. Surfers in the far right. Beach goers all over the place and the colourful pier under a beautif fluffy cloud sky. Cocoa Beach, FL, January 2014.

Zombie Surfers, Cocoa Beach, FL

Zombie Surfers

An interesting mist came over the beach, with many beach-goers walking towards me, it had an eerie vibe. I think it’s like a gaggle of Zombie Surfers coming right for me. Cocoa Beach, FL, January 2014.